To make the church a safe, inviting, and accepting place for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

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Destroying the Lies calls out specific lies that linger in our minds and dismantles them using biblical truths about God’s love, mercy, and grace for the world. Each chapter focuses on different lies ranging from everyday self-doubt to those surrounding trauma, self-harm, and abuse.

This book was designed to give you quick access to the truth and tools needed to fight the deceitfulness of the enemy. Within seconds of finding your lie in the table of contents, you will be able to discover solace and understanding as you read God’s truth and explore the connected self-study.

Whether you are a lifelong Christian, a nonbeliever, mad at God, or anywhere in between, this book is for you.

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About Me

I believe my life experience as a sexual abuse survivor, education in social and behavioral sciences, and work history as a domestic violence victim advocate combine to give me a unique perspective on the struggles Christians face when confronted with trauma.  

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